This Is A Little Story I Wrote

Not Sure If It That Good But I Had Fun Writing It n_n

Thank You For Checking it Out <3 

It All Started With This Boy Name Theo.

He Was A Really Nice And Kind Boy..And Pretty Much Quiet Also

Allthough He Didn't Have Much Friends It Didn't Bother Him Much..

He Always Loved Helping Other Elder People And Anyone Else Who Needed His Help.

It Was On A Very Bright Sunday That Theo Was Gonna Have Something Change In His Life... Like Usual Theo Liked Walking Around And Going Into The City Every Sunday...But That Sunday While He Was Passing By A Playground Where Kids Love Playing.And He Would Love Looking At Them Play For A Little While..It Was At That Very Moment While Theo Was Looking At The Children Play That His Eyes Catch A Beautiful Girl Around The Same Age As Him... Sitting Lonely On A Bench And She Looked So Sad Also.

He Wanted Go Talk To The Girl And Ask Her What's Wrong But He Hesitated And Walked Away...As He Walked Away He Couldn't Stop Thinking Of That Sad Face Of That Beautiful Girl...So He Decided To Return Back And See If She Still There..If So Then He Would Ask Her Why She Sad..

When He Got Back To The Playground The Girl Was Still Sitting There On The Bench Lonely..So Theo Walked Up To Her And Sit Down On The Same Bench..Hesitately He Asked Her Why She Look So Sad And If Theres Something Wrong..The Girl Was Surprised Because He Was The First To Care Enough To Ask Her...And Then She Told Theo She can't Return To Her Home Anymore...

And Started Crying...Theo Tried To Cheer Her Up Tellin Her Not To Cry And That He'll Help Her Find Way To Return To Her Home..

And She Slowly Stoped Crying And Wipe Away Her Tears..

Then Theo Asked Her What's Her Name..And She Replied "Thea And Yours?"

And Theo Said " That's A Nice Name..Pretty Much Similiar To Mine..I'm Theo,Nice Meeting You Thea  " As He Smile At Her :)

And Thea Suddenly Smiled Back At Him..And Something In Her Smile Made Theo Feel Really Happy And Even His Heart Was Happy As He Think To Himself " She Finally Smiled..She Sure Have A Lovely Smile Too"

Then He Asked Her Where Exactly Was Her Home..

And Thea Point Out At The Sky..And Theo Not Really Understanding Asked Her

" Your Home Is In The Sky?"

Then Thea Replied " Yes,Sort Of..My Home Is In Another World Beyond The Sky..

But I Can't Seem To Return There Anymore..Because It Seem My Wings Have Forgotten How To Fly"

But Her Answer Made Theo Even More Confused...

Theo Being All Confused About Thea Answers He Started Asking Her More Questions About Her And What She Mean OF Her Being From Another World..

As Thea Slowly Explained Him Everything Well..He Started To Understand Slowly...

So In Simple For Theo..Thea Was An Angel Girl Who Live In A World With Other People That Also Have Wings..Thea Also Explained To Him That In That World..

There Was Angels That Was Nice And Then There Was Evil Angels,Who Was Always Bad..Allthough The Evil Angels Had There Own Territory In That World They Oftenly Like Coming Fighting With The Nice Angels..After All That Said

Theo Told Thea That She Could Come Live At His House Till They Try Figure Out How She Can Return Back To Her World..He Was Also Interested In Knowing And Understanding More Bout Her..

Therefore Theo Brought Thea To His House And Asked His Parents About Letting Her Stay..His Parents We're Very Nice And Didn't Mind Her Staying For Some While...

So Thea Started Living With Theo And His Family..

As Time Passed Thea And Theo Got Along Very Well And Thea Started Love Living Like That..She Also Was Smiling Alot Always And Was Happy...And It Came To A Point That She Didn't Care If She Couldn't Go Back Home Anymore Cause She Started Wanting To Always Be With Theo..

As For Theo He Also Started Wanting To Always Stay With Thea Beacause He Fell In Love With Her...Allthough He Was Afraid Of Thea Not Loving Him Back The Way He Loves Her.. So He Couldn't Tell Her His Feelings...

Everything Was Allright Till That Day When They Were Sitting At A Quiet Place And Theo Was Talking And Reminding Thea  Where They First Met And Where Everything Changed In his Life..Because Meeting  Thea Brought Theo So Much Happiness And Love...

As They Were Sitting And Talking Happily 

Theo Told Thea That He Have Something To Tell Her And Thea Replied

"Go Ahead :)"

Theo Was Gonna Tell Her His Feelings For Her 


All A Sudden Some Evil Angels Appeared And Theo Couldn't Say What He Wanted To Thea...

The Evil Angels

Challenged Thea To Fight With Them..But Thea Didn't Want Hurt Anyone 

And Told Them To Just Leave Her Alone..

But Ofcourse They Didn't Listen..

And They Told Thea If She Don't Accept Then They Would Kill Theo..

And Thea Couldn't Afford Theo Being Hurt Out Of Everyone Else So She Accepted There Challenge..

And So The Angels Took Out There Weapon Preparing For The Battle..

But Thea Didn't Have Any Weapon Such As Swords,Dagger,etc..

Because She Hold The Power Of The Light..Therefore She Used Only Magic As Her Weapon And Defense..

And They Started Fighting..

And Theo Could Only Watch And Being Worried Of Thea Being Hurt Badly...

And Thea Being Unable To Use Her Wings Was A Big Disavantage To Her And The Other Angels Had Advantage On That..Cause She Could Only Fight On Ground While They Could Launch Any Attack Fast At Her In The Air

And Being Unable To Fly For Thea Also Made Her Slow To Blocking Attacks Because She Was Always Used To Fighting While Flying And Using Her Wings..

But Now That She Couldn't.. The Evil Angels Was Wining And She Was Getting Hurt Alot

And Was To A Point She Couldn't Stand On Her Feet again..And The Evil Angels Just Wanted To Kill Her Right There..

But Before They Could..Theo Took A Stone And Throw At Them Telling Them To Leave Her Alone..

But That Wouldn't Easily Make Them Stop... Infact They Got More Angry...

And Thea Laying There On The Ground Hurt Begged Them Not TO Hurt Him..She Told Them They Can Kill Her But Don't Hurt Theo..

The Evil Angels Being Bored And Angry Just Let Theo There And Let Him Witness As The Girl He Love So Much Getting Stab Infront Of His Eyes As He Was Helpless...

Then The Evil Angel Dissapeared As Theo Rushed And Hold Thea In His Arms..

Calling Out For Help..But There Was No One Around Who Could Help..

And Theo Started Crying Saying He Don't Want Thea To Die..

As Thea Looked At Him Saying "Im Glad Your Alright..Can You Please Tell Me What It Was That You Wanted To Tell me Earlier?"

And Theo Crying Holding Her In His Arms So Close Told Her " I Wanted To Tell You How Much I Love You..I Love You So Much..I Don't Want You To Die..I Don't Want You To Leave Alone...Please Don't Leave Me"

And Thea Smiled At Him And Said "I'm Sorry..I Didn't Mean To Leave You Like This..But I Wanted You To Know That I Also Love You Alot And I Thank You For Everything You Did For Me...."

As She Passed Out...

And Theo Just  Kept Holding Her Close To Him And Crying...

And Then He Gave Her A Gentle Kiss On Her Lips

As He Said 

"I Love You And Always Will..You Are My First Ever Love And Would Be The Last"

Just When He Finished Saying Those Words Something Surprisingly Amazing Happened..

Two Big Purely White Wings Appeared On Thea's Back As It Took Her And Envelop Her In It Taking Her In The Air And A Shining Light Started Shining So Bright

That It Blinded Theo For A Moment And As He Open His Eyes Again...To His Surprised Thea Was Alive Again Smiling At Him And She Could Fly Again..

Then She Slowly Landed Down On The Ground Near Theo And Hugged Him..

Theo Not Caring What Just Happened Much Since He Was So Happy That She Alive Again Just Hugged Her Back....

Then He Told Her That Now That She Can Fly Again She Could Finally Return To Her Home

And Thea Said Yes But She Won't Leave Him Cause Her Home Is Now Where Theo Is :)

And Then She Kissed Him ^^

And They Both Lived Happily Onwards...Well They Might Have Some Sad And Hard Parts And All  On The Way But They Know They Would Make It Through It All Together<3

~The End~

Story Written By: Visha 

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